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At Lollipops we know how important meal times are. It allows children to develop and interact as well as encouraging good table manners as well as encouraging children to try a variety of foods. At Lollipops our menus are planned to provide a healthy, nutritious and balanced meal freshly prepared on the premises each day. We have a fully equipped kitchen and only serve fresh, seasonal produce. 

Our Menu
Children's health and well being is a central part of our settings ethos.  We pride ourselves on our daily menu of home cooked meals that give children healthy choices, a variety of dishes and pave the way for a healthy lifestyle.
During meals children are encouraged to talk about food and recognise the importance of eating healthy.  Practitioners give children the knowledge about healthy eating which translates into children taking some responsibilities in their food choices to become healthier, happier children.   
The meals that we provide are simple and easy to prepare enabling parents to follow these at home.
Within our settings children are offered three set meals:
Breakfast - consisting of cereals, fruit & toast with healthy spreads.
Lunch - consisting of a wide variety of fresh seasonal vegetables and pulses.  Followed by a suitable healthy pudding.
Snack - consisting of salads, dips, variety of breads, seasonal fruits, homemade smoothies and soups, occasionally homemade cakes.
Our menu's provide meals that are nutritional and well balanced ensuring that our children get more than the required five a day.
We have lots of experience in planning meals catering for children's varying allergies and dietary needs.
We have been successful in obtaining a grant from the local Borough to transform the outside areas and we have planned to introduce growing gardens within our settings to give children the opportunity to grow and harvest fruit and vegetables to be used within our menu.  Through growing activities children will be learning whilst still having fun.
Parent comment:
Lollipops have been nothing but accommodating from the beginning. We were recommended by friends and from the first meeting with Angela we felt comfortable. We really like the ethos of getting the kids outside and the vegetarian food and the focus on table manners. We really noticed our daughter improve in using her knife and folk not long after starting at Lollipops. We really like the book that gives us and update of what our daughter has done each day. All the staff have been great and can't fault them. We are really happy with Lollipops and get excited to see what our daughter has done each day.

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