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Yvonne Thompson

I opened Lollipops in August 1988 originally as a hobby; I already had experience of running a variety of businesses and wanted my next venture to allow me to have good quality time with my grandchildren.

Opening a nursery seemed the perfect opportunity.  Over the years I have seen my family grow to four Grandchildren and I’m now a Great Nan of 8 beautiful children.

Opening Lollipops started me on a fantastic journey of fun, discovery and learning.

My family are the core of everything I do and my children have been a great support over the years, as Lollipops grew more established they took on a variety of roles to make the nursery successful.

Lollipops offers a support network to children and their families, we offer an environment that is fun, happy and nurturing with a motivated, skilful, knowledgeable team that have a passion for lifelong learning 

Senior Manager
Lisa Thompson
BA Early Years
Forest School Leader

I joined Lollipops originally just to help support my mum’s new business establish whilst I looked for a shop to open a beauty salon.  As time went by I grew to love working with the children so I decided to stay. Children really are infectious, there’s something about a child’s intoxicating laugh!
As years went on I gained many childcare qualifications, Lollipops grew to two nurseries, a breakfast / after school and holiday club.  Over the years I have had some fantastic trips and adventures with the holiday club and was sad to see it go. Within my years here I have become a mother and have two wonderful children both of which have come to work with me and both have enjoyed the benefits of nursery.  Being a mum brings many challenges of which have made me a stronger practitioner. As a vegan and animal lover and a lifelong love of the natural world I have always valued the importance of children’s learning in the outdoors.  I went on to train as a Forest school Practitioner, forest school was enlightening, and it echoed all my values.  I finally found an ethos that had a child centred approach with the ever changing moods and marvels, and challenges of the natural world. At Lollipops we have a large on site Forest school and mud kitchen so our children get to enjoy the inspirational process that offers all learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences in a woodland / natural environment. We have now downscaled Lollipops to one nursery, making the decision to dedicate all of our attention to creating one early years setting of excellence. We have an incredibly skilful, knowledgeable and nurturing team whom I am very proud of and who continually strive to improve and raise the standards.  Lollipops offer children and families a home from home environment with an amazing outdoor space giving children endless possibilities in play. I look forward to the future of Lollipops and our amazing team.

Angela Eade
BA Early Years
Forest School Leader

I joined Lollipops when it first opened having gained my NNEB qualification in childcare.  I quickly learnt family values were the essence of Lollipops.  I hadn’t just joined a nursery; I was welcomed into the “Lollipops family” like everyone who comes through our doors. Over the years I have continued to gain further qualifications to keep my knowledge and training up to date from Forest school Leader to my most proudest achievement a Bachelor of Arts in Early Years.  Forest school has totally changed my approach to outdoor learning ‘I now love mud’!!  My BA had a huge impact; it challenged me as a Manager.  I learnt how to be a leader, giving me leadership skills enabling me to empower my team and enthuse them to all have a passion for the outdoors and a love of learning. During my time at Lollipops I became a mum and now have two amazing boys.  Motherhood was a huge learning curve, it also changed my perspective and as a manager I now have two perspectives a manager and a mother.  Both my children came to Lollipops and have fond memories of their time with our amazing dedicated team. Over the years I have cared for many children and their families.  I have had the privilege of caring for 2 and 3 generations of families.  It has been a pleasure to be part of many children’s lives that we have cared for and I hope they look back at their journey at Lollipops with happy, fun memories of their early years with us as I do. I believe children only get one childhood and it should be full of fun, exploration, and discovery and learning with a little bit of magic.

Baby Unit

Lauren A 
Lead practitioner

I joined Lollipops in 2012 embarking on my level 2 qualification joining the nursery team, soon I progressed with training gaining a Level 3 in Early Years.
I gained experience and knowledge  of special educational needs and disabilities learning and how to meet a variety of children’s needs, working in partnership with a variety of professionals and learning how  to advise and support individual children and their families.

After several years I was given a new roe - Baby unit deputy and joined the team caring for our under two's. 
At first it was a challenge!  Now I love working with the babies and have become Lead Practitioner of the baby unit.

I am passionate about giving our babies a loving, nurturing and safe place to grow.  Each of the four rooms have been carefully created to stimulate young minds.  We have created a rich, friendly accessible environment that will meet every child's individual needs, from cosy corners for young ones needing a rest between play to vibrant and sensual play areas for our babies on the go. 
I believe babies need routine and we are able to follow individual babies routines planning for their needs, nurturing their development and safeguarding their learning helping each individual baby become a competent learner.
Soon I will be completing my SENCO cert 1 training and look forward to taking over the role of nursery SENCO.


I initially began working with children through the guides as a leader.  Children have an amazing energy, sense of adventure and curiosity for the world in which we live.  Lollipops gave me the opportunity to become qualified and valued me enough to help me succeed.

I find working with children so rewarding.  Being part of the nursery team I have learnt how to support children on their pathway of learning and achieving.
Recently I have taken on a new role as Baby unit Deputy, I look forward to the new challenges this role will bring, supporting babies achieve their milestones, take their first steps and say their first words. 

Lauren M
Early years Practitioner

Having experience as a Scout leader I decided to join Lollipops and start my apprenticeship Level 2 joining the baby unit team.
A year on and I have qualified Level 2 and I'm embracing on my level 3 to expand and deepen my childcare knowledge.
I have learnt so much already, not just from the team but the children too!
I enjoy supporting the children to achieve and watching them learn a skill for the first time, their whole face lights up with pleasure and pride and being part of that is really rewarding.

Apprentice Practitioner

Coming from a large family, looking after children comes as second nature to me.  This helped me to deicide on a career in childcare.  I have recently joined the baby unit team and I'm looking forward to getting to know all the babies and their families.

Apprentice Practitioner

I have recently joined Lollipops in the baby unit.  I have previously worked in other nurseries and love working with children.  It is a delight to watch the children grow into happy and healthy individuals.  Children have a wonderful sense of imagination and can observe the world from a completely different perspective.  I want to support children to become confident and happy individuals and help them to learn and observe new experiences.  I am working towards my level 3 in childcare and look forward to getting to know the children and parents at Lollipops.

Nursery Floor

Lead Practitioner

Since joining Lollipops in 2016, I have blossomed as a practitioner, growing in confidence, ability, skills and knowledge.
I started as a practitioner in the baby unit and progressed to Deputy.  Now I am taking on the role of Nursery Lead Practitioner.
I am very passionate about making a difference, creating warm supportive relationships with our children and families and creating an environment for the children that is safe, fun and full of wonder and discovery.  I believe children need opportunities to take risks, have fun, learn and to be challenged.  Children need to be listened to, they have so much to say.  
Within our team we have a listening ethos that teaches children that what they have to say is valued.
At Lollipops our children have fantastic spaces indoors and outdoors that support and challenges them to become competent learners with the nurturing and support of our skilful team.
I am looking forward to the many challenges my new role will bring along with supporting our older children prepare and transition to school.

Early years Practitioner

Before I joined Lollipops I worked as a carer for children with special needs.  Since joining Lollipops I have been able to continue with my love of working with children.  I am now qualified.  I enjoy supporting and meeting the needs of my key children.  Working in the baby unit gives me the opportunity to be part of an amazing team helping children achieve.
Now I have gained my Level 2 in childcare I am embarking on Level 3 and look forward to deepening my knowledge to improve my practice so that I offer the best possible care for your little ones.

Early Years Practitioner

When I  joined Lollipops I had experience from voluntary work with adults who have special educational needs.  This work along with my work experience during my health and social care course steered me towards a carer in Early years.
I have now qualified level 2 and I am continuing my training working towards a level 3 in early years.  I have learnt so much and enjoy putting my knowledge of childcare into practice, meeting their individual needs and supporting them to achieve is so rewarding.

Early years Practitioner

Once I decided on a career in Early years I knew Lollipops was the place for me.
My younger sister went to Lollipops and has great memories of her time here.  I begun my training for a Level 2 in Early Years and I am now qualified.  
I have learnt so much and love putting my new knowledge and skills into practice. 
Children have so much to say and I love listening to them.  I especially love music and dance sessions and our trips to the library.

Bethany  - "Betty"
Apprentice Practitioner

After leaving school I decided to join Lollipops to gain a qualification in Early years, I have began a Level 3 apprenticeship in Early years and already learning loads.  Working with the nursery children is really fun no two days are the same.
I enjoy art activities and forest school sessions with the children and look forward to developing my relationships with the children, their families and the lollipops team. 

Apprentice Practitioner

I have recently joined Lollipops working with the nursery team and I am looking forward to starting my apprenticeship Level 2 in Early years.
I look forward to getting to know all the children and their families at Lollipops.

Lollipops Nursery has truly gone above and beyond my expectations. The level of support, care and help my family has received has literally moved me to tears. Not only is my son well cared for at the nursery, he is loved. That is something money just can't buy. Children are happy here. The garden is awesome, the forest school and mud kitchen are just fab. Staff are superb. My son has special medical needs, we have been rejected for that reason at another nursery. It's easy to suffer from the consequences of being different and "inclusive" is often a word more spoken and less acted on.
Lollipops has welcomed us with open arms and not just taken us on but arranged it so that my son feels like everyone else. He has developed so well not even the educational psychologist could pick him out from the crowd. That is a massive achievement. But most importantly he's happy going to Lollipops, we are happy to have him there. If you're looking for the best place for your child to thrive whilst you do your thing, look no further. This is it.

Evelyne Brink

Executive Coach (I.e. Channel 4)
Author "it takes Guts"
Passionate Mother

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