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"Claudia has been attending Lollipops Nursery from September 2015. She goes 3 days a week and nursery staff was very accommodating with part time attendance and settling in. Claudia is bilingual and I was very pleased to see that during her time at nursery she developed confidence when speaking English, broaden her vocabulary and learned new songs, short poems, nursery rhymes which she really enjoys. Nursery staff was very supportive in Claudia’s learning and paid extra attention to her development to ensure she feels comfortable and communicates equally with her peers. Thanks to that, my daughter made lots of new friends at nursery and really enjoys her time there."


It was 9 years ago that our daughter first started at Lollipops. We received a recommendation from family after our nephew started a short time before. Sophie had a great time during her years here and still has fond memories. Her little brother Jude is now here and coming to the end of his time. Sophie says she feels nostalgic about her time at Lollipops and sad that her brother is leaving. Luckily for her, her cousin who is due to be born soon will no doubt attend there so will keep that link going for us.

Jude goes happily into nursery each day and comes home full of stories of the games he has played with his friends, the stories he has heard and the experiences he has had. He particularly loves forest school and throws himself into the whole environment. Lollipops are currently preparing the older children for the transition to big school which is a great idea.

The thing we really love is that the staff always have something to say about the children and some detail about something they have said or done during the day. They also listen to the interests the children have and try to tailor their fun and learning to things which interest them.

On a personal note, during more difficult times as a family we have had very personal support from the nursery which shows they really care. We will miss them and will be glad to pop back to visit our new niece there in the future!

Lisa, Barry, Sophie and Jude


Just to say how happy Alex is at lollipops. His speech has come on leaps and bounds since starting at the nursery. He mentions the nursery a lot at home saying his teachers names and names of his friends. When we drive past he always recognises it and shouts out "school!" We are very happy with the care and can see how settled he is by how happy he is to go there in the mornings. The staff are very friendly and caring towards the children and there is a very nice atmosphere in the nursery. Thanks for all you do for Alex, it is very much appreciated. 


My twins are being looked after by Angela and team for more than a year now. Thanks to all love and care that the nursery offers, I have seen my girls grow from barely crawling babies to really confident, communicative and well mannered toddlers. Besides the regular curriculum, Lollipops gives a lot of importance to outdoor activities and that is a big plus to me. And every morning when your children jump out of the bed at the call of 'nursery time', you know for sure that at least they are having a great day while you are toiling away at work


After my eldest daughter’s experience at Lollipops, where she was happy, safe, engaged and also prepared for Primary School, I had no hesitation in sending my youngest daughter to Lollipops.

The Lollipops Team show a great deal of care and attention to the children, always placing the best interests of the child first. The team are also supportive and are keen to work collaboratively with Parents/Guardians when children experience difficult stages.


Lollipops is an amazing nursery. My son has been attending since he was 11 months (now 2 years old). He squeals with delight when I pull up outside and waves me off with a delightful smile. I feel so happy and secure that he is looked after, cared for, fed and loved there. The staff are brilliant. All interested in development and they take time to tell me what he's been doing and what he's learnt. Even helpful childcare advice. I trust them 100%. He adores the carers and on a few occasions hasn't actually wanted to leave. He's learnt so much and I hear him singing tunes or doing actions for songs I don't even recognise. 

I would not hesitate recommending Lollipops as a safe, caring environment to any of my friends or family.  

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